Interpol & Onfido: Building a strong defense strategy against fraud

Wednesday, 14th December

1pm Singapore time

Fraud is here to stay. It’s happening all day, every day. The businesses who develop a better understanding of how fraudsters behave are able to prepare and protect themselves from fraudulent attacks. But, how do you know which techniques fraudsters are using or what patterns to look out for? 

Join this webinar discussion, where Malik Alibegovic, Forensic Analyst at INTERPOL and Michael Van Gestel, VP, Expert Services / Global Head of Fraud and Simon Horswell, Senior Fraud Expert from Onfido discuss the latest fraudulent activities that they’re seeing in the market, as well as the strategies you need to protect your business from fraud in the year ahead. You can expect a lively discussion around:

  • What kind of fraud trends are currently in market
  • How businesses deal with the online threats that go with digitization
  • What prevention techniques are needed to prepare your business going into 2023
  • What kind of fraud is most often encountered with digital IDs

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How can we help?

Our flexible approach to player verification can help you meet regulatory requirements, today and tomorrow, maximise customer conversions and protect your bottom line from fraud.

Presented by

Malik Alibegovic

Forensic Analyst, Interpol
A Forensic Analyst at Interpol's Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch in Lyon, France. Malik’s remit includes a range of activities and initiatives aimed at the prevention and suppression of the counterfeiting of currency and other security documents.

Michael Van Gestel

VP, Expert Services / Global Head of Fraud, Onfido
Michael is VP of Onfido's expert services and has also headed up Onfido's Global Document and Fraud Strategy Team. Prior to Onfido, Michael worked as a Document Expert and international trainer, as well as in the Public sector as part of the Dutch Immigration and border management. Michael has also served as an ID Document Authentication trainer at the Expertise Centre Identity Fraud and Documents (ECID), sharing his knowledge with embassies, consulates, airlines, security agencies, immigration offices and police departments all over the world. 

Simon Horswell

Fraud Expert, Onfido
An experienced expert in ID security and fraud, Simon plays a key role in Onfido’s product development strategy. Prior to Onfido, Simon served as an Expert Document Examiner and trainer for several years at the UK’s National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU), and subsequently worked as a Document Expert and international trainer with Foster & Freeman Ltd.

Insights include:

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Users simply take a photo of their ID and snap a selfie. Onfido then digitally proves a user’s real identity using artificial intelligence (AI), by verifying that photo ID is genuine and comparing it to the person’s facial biometrics.

  • Leverage a customizable platform to fine tune the balance between security and convenience to meet your risk thresholds.
  • Get comprehensive identity verification checks to stop fraudsters and keep your company and revenue safe.
  • Stay compliant with KYC and AML without overwhelming your manual review staff and increasing your operational costs.