Poetry in Motion: simplifying trust with next-generation biometric verification

The fraud landscape is evolving – with attacks increasing 41% since 2020. At the same time, customer expectations of digital experiences have never been higher. Regardless of risk or regulation – customers hold every business to the same high standard set by Netflix, Uber, and Amazon – characterized by instant access and flawless UX.

So how do you balance security and user experience? That’s where Onfido Motion comes in. Our AI-powered biometric verification can verify a user in seconds, and protect against the most sophisticated fraud. No complex actions or reading aloud – just a simple head turn.

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  • How user’s perceptions to security and biometrics are changing
  • How Motion and the Onfido Real Identity Platform can deliver strong security and great UX
  • How we’re approaching algorithmic bias to ensure Motion is our fairest ever biometric solution

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


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Onfido makes identity verification simple. Our single-API integration gives you a digital identity verification solution that stops fraud, enables growth into new markets and gives users a smooth, fast experience.

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Presented by

Sarah Munro

Senior Director, Biometrics, Onfido

Giulia Di Nola

Product Manager, Biometrics

Insights include:

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Users simply take a photo of their ID and snap a selfie. Onfido then digitally proves a user’s real identity using artificial intelligence (AI), by verifying that photo ID is genuine and comparing it to the person’s facial biometrics.

  • Leverage a customizable platform to fine tune the balance between security and convenience to meet your risk thresholds.
  • Get comprehensive identity verification checks to stop fraudsters and keep your company and revenue safe.
  • Stay compliant with KYC and AML without overwhelming your manual review staff and increasing your operational costs.